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Somewhere along the line, some kind of mistake had been made. Steve wanted to blame Portalocity, but he wasn't sure it was their fault. Maybe Wanda. Or the Infinity Cube or something.

The thing was, he'd returned home to a universe that was decidedly different than the one he was expecting. The SHRA hadn't gone down the way it had at home. Norman Osborn--Norman Osborn--had been in charge of SHIELD for a while...and now, Steve was. On the bright side, Tony was no longer convinced Steve was a Skrull. On the other flip side, being in charge of SHIELD came with an astonishing amount of paperwork. "Nick never seemed to do this much paperwork," he'd complained once, and Carol had told him, "Well, that's because he didn't. He made someone like Hill do it for him."

This, Steve felt, explained a lot about Maria Hill's temperament.

He never thought he would wish for something to attack New York, but right now...well, maybe just a little alien invasion? For old time's sake? There was some kind of audit going on, someone help him out here.

((Open for calls, texts, convenient alien invasions.))
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Steve was settling in for a pleasant evening with his jazz records and his paints. He'd gotten a concerning text from Tony a few days ago, but enough time had passed without any kind of drunken overdramatic followup that he thought they might be in the clear for the time being.


((For that guy.))
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At least no one bought a penguin refuge? )

[[Preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] funveewhat! Contents NFB, but that Steve got a phone call is fine.]]
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Steve's door was open and he was ready to help any students who might have had trouble with the modified exam, or anyone else who wanted to stop by for whatever reason.

Preference would not be given to guests to the island.
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Steve returned from his morning run to find a blonde teenaged girl sitting at his kitchen table, crunching away at a bowl of cereal. He stopped dead for a moment, then said, "Right. Day after prom." She was quite a bit older than the usual...special guests, though. So that was different. Steve wasn't going to ask. "Sarah?" he guessed.

((For...me, but open for anyone who wants to drop by!))
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Steve was spending a peaceful afternoon of listening to jazz and working on a painting. It had been a while since he'd gotten a chance to paint, and he was really enjoying it.

That was about to change, which he really should have seen coming.

Three guesses who the reason is, second two don't count. )

((Prelayed with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] hoorayimrich, [livejournal.com profile] endsthegame, [livejournal.com profile] momslilassassin, [livejournal.com profile] batwaffles, and [livejournal.com profile] childhood_taunt. To be concluded in the comments.))
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Steve had spent yesterday with his apartment under siege, and hadn't exactly slept...at all. But that was fine, he could go a lot longer than twenty-four hours without sleep. He'd gone over a week in December of '43. He hadn't enjoyed it, but he'd done it.

Of course, one thing the war had in its favor was a distinct lack of creepy dolls.

He was drinking coffee today, even though the caffeine did nothing, and doing some research on the computer to make sure the next time he picked a movie that was relevant to the class, it was also one that was appropriate for the class. That had definitely been a research fail.

((Open office hours are open!))
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While Steve normally held his office hours on Friday, sometimes there was just some extra work that needed to be done. Which was why he found himself there on Thursday when Tony stopped by, apparently bored and looking for Steve to entertain him. He was just about to suggest he run a couple of miles to work off some energy when another, far less welcome guest arrived.

No seriously, he'd like to set her on fire with his mind. )

((Tony modded with permission; the rest preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] hoorayimrich!))
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Steve was in his office on Friday, looking through resources for his class and discarding the ones that seemed to have an agenda beyond 'actually educate them about this stuff.' A depressing percentage of the total wound up filed in the circular file, but between what was left and his notes and resources from the last time he'd taught this class, he thought he had plenty to be getting on with.

((Open office is open!))
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It was late, and Steve was, like any sensible person, sound asleep in his bed, dreaming of sugarplums fighting AIM agents. And polar bears wearing snuggies.

This state of affairs was probably not going to persist.

((For that guy. Intruder and intruder's unconscious friend's identities NFB.))
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After certain text messages from Bobby and Tony last night, holding office hours seemed of even more importance than usual. It made him easily locatable if he was needed for rescues or bailing someone out of jail. Not that Steve would bail them out if they were in jail. It was important to learn these kinds of lessons young.

Steve's office hours were open to anyone, hungover or otherwise, who might want to speak with him.
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Anyone looking for Steve would find a sign on his door redirecting them to the art classroom, where he'd pinned up some of the pieces the students had done so far, so their guests could see their work. Tony's blobs of color work was even represented, even if his lack of artistic skill did give Steve almost physical pain. How could someone who was so good at drafting a design be so bad at drawing a straight line?

Steve was at his desk with a box of pastries from J,GoB and a fresh pot of coffee, ready to greet anyone who stopped in, and hoping his own guest would stop lurking about the island generally being Buckyesque and stop by at some point, too.
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Steve was in his office on Friday for his usual office hours, alternately working on the paperwork needed to request art supplies and sketching in his sketchbook. His door was open, and he was happy to talk to anyone who might want to stop by.

((The subject of the thread with [livejournal.com profile] hoorayimrich is NFB.))
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Steve was in his office on Friday, occasionally wondering if the island was done having its fun for a while or if he should batten down the hatches for the weekend, but mostly looking up art projects that looked like fun. It cheered him to know that in the lobby, the students were participating in the democratic process.

((Steve's door and office hours are open!))
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Steve was in his office on Friday, sketching as he waited for students to come to see him. He hadn't held class on Monday, of course, because his player didn't have freaking power it was a national holiday, but that didn't erase the possibility that someone might need to speak to him. He was pretty mellow, considering the disappearance of caffeine and alcohol from the island didn't affect him in the least, as neither of those substances affected him to start with. You can all be jealous now.

His door and office hours are open.
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Steve was in his office on Friday all day despite my internet not letting me post this until now, working on plans for class and making lists of supplies he would need to order. His door, of course, was always open.

((Open office hours are finally open.))
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So the entire town was going to hell in a handbasket, which meant it was business as usual for Steve. Suit up, grab the shield, head out and make sure no one got eaten by a teal deer. Or an alot. The alots honestly had him a lot more worried.

The mutated townspeople and students, though, had him most worried of all. That could not be good.

((For that one guy.))
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I'm really sorry I didn't post the workshop today. RL got kind of crazy and then...well. I just forgot.

This is why I need to update my automated reminders...

Steve had a handwavey emergency and handwavily canceled class. Again, really, really sorry.
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You may have noticed a trail of adorable animals down your flist. (A couple of them haven't made their transformations yet, but will before I leave.) This is because first thing tomorrow morning, I'm headed off on a Big Family Vacation! To Alaska! For two weeks! And my aunt booked all this so I have no idea what the internet situation will be like, never mind that time to use it will be short. I'm just going with the flow and hoping that there will be intervals where I can, like, check my e-mail.

So: animals, adorable, roommates have modding rights except the ones who don't have roommates. Steve will be in the custody of [livejournal.com profile] hoorayimrich, who has been asked to please not eat him, and Jenny will be skulking around Pixie Dust. I'll be back--well, technically on June 5 but realistically, June 6.

Love y'all! Don't throw any wild parties while I'm gone!
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