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While Steve normally held his office hours on Friday, sometimes there was just some extra work that needed to be done. Which was why he found himself there on Thursday when Tony stopped by, apparently bored and looking for Steve to entertain him. He was just about to suggest he run a couple of miles to work off some energy when another, far less welcome guest arrived.

Agent Hill

There was a polite knock on the door and a woman in what might have been a familiar blue uniform with short, neat hair. "Mr. Rogers? May I have a word with Mr. Stark?"


There was a SHIELD agent in his office, looking for Tony. His first impulse was to facepalm and ask Tony what, exactly, he'd done now, but that probably would be unprofessional. "Well, now, that depends, Agent...?" he said, trailing off expectantly. "What do you want with him?"


Never mind Tony and his giant eyes of terror at SHIELD wanting to speak with him. Look, he'd met Nick Fury. The man was probably going to have him assassinated.


Agent Hill

Her heels clicked together as she assumed an alert posture. "Hill. Agent Hill," she replied with a nod. "I need to speak with Mr. Stark in private about matters concerning SHIELD."


...Maria Hill was in his office. Dammit, Tony, this was all your fault. Steve leaned on his elbow and rubbed briefly at his eye, because it was a better reaction than punching Maria Hill right in the face. This one hadn't shot at him.


Then he leaned back in his chair and said, "Well, I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Agent Hill. Mr. Stark is a minor," just the gentlest stress on that, "and as his teacher I am responsible for his welfare." Which extended to not letting secret agents cart him off.

Agent Hill

There was a pause as she lifted her hand to her ear, listening to whatever it was being said to her.

"We have been been cleared to proceed."


Well, that sounded ominous. Especially coming from Maria Hill. "Beg your pardon?" Steve asked her.

Agent Hill

She nodded again, pulling out a device from her pocket in order to produce a holographic display of the SHIELD helicarrier.

"SHIELD is an international peacekeeping organization whose headquarters is a mobile called the helicarrier. Over 1000 agents live and work on the carrier. It uses more power than most cities and it's going to crash," Agent Hill lectured. "The helicarrier's engines are failing and SHIELD needs you to fix them, Mr. Stark."


Okay, he hadn't been expecting that part of it.



Steve bit down on his impulse to inform Agent Hill that he knew what SHIELD was, thank you very much and what it wasn't, which was more than he could say for her. Or to ask her to please tell him they didn't have that thing parked over New York in their reality. Either of those would probably blow his 'mild mannered sex ed teacher' cover.

Instead, he sighed and said, "Okay, I can almost believe that. But there weren't any adults available?"

Agent Hill

"Your father designed the engines. And since SHIELD'S engineers have yet to come up with a solution and consulting Howard Stark is no longer an option..."

Very kind, Agent Hill.

"All of SHIELD's intel on Stark International shows that more than half of the company's inventions were Anthony's. We're hoping he can help."


Steve was shooting her a glare at that one, yes. Then he looked to Tony and told him, "It's up to you."


Tony looked from her to Steve, then back again. "And it will crash if nothing is done?"

He nodded the once, eyes down.

"As long as Mr. Rogers can come along with me."

Oh god, please say yes to that.


Well, that was just non-negotiable, really, regardless of what Maria Hill did or didn't have to say about it. "Of course I'm coming with you," Steve assured him. "It would be illegal for them to just cart you off without an adult."

Not that he thought that would stop Maria Hill, but he hoped she was getting the message here.

Agent Hill

Hill once again lifted her hand to her ear, receiving orders from someone on the other end. "Your terms are accepted. We will leave immediately."


"Then let's go," Steve said, rising from his desk and grabbing his jacket. "Tony, do you need to pick anything up?"


Tony held onto his backpack a little tighter. "I'm good." Then added a quick, "Thanks."

Because he sure as hell didn't want to go alone.

((Tony modded with permission; the rest preplayed with [ profile] hoorayimrich!))
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